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Tabata Timer - The Ultra Intense TrainingTabata interval training is the single most effective type of high intensity interval training, it's also the most intense by far, và surprisingly it's the shortest in duration: only lasts for four minutes...

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But those four minutes produce remarkable effects. According to the Japanese founder, Professor Izumi Tabata, one of his four-minute sessions is equal khổng lồ an hour of jogging, an hour of moderate cycling, two hours of walking, an hour of Zumba or two hours of yoga. What’s not khổng lồ like?Quite a lot, actually. The idea is khổng lồ increase your heart rate khổng lồ its maximum by “going completely mental” for 240 seconds.

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This is supposed to give you both aerobic và anaerobic benefits (both cardio and muscle workout). But we’re talking about four minutes of pain.The full Tabata program is four minutes long. It will probably be the longest four minutes of your life.If you are going lớn try it, we would recommend going light with the weights until you find your range, there’s a good chance you will underestimate this workout và be begging people around you khổng lồ help you off the floor.Tabata intervals follow this structure:Push hard for 20 secondsRest for 10 seconds.Repeat this eight times.The secret of this effective is in your sprint interval. You have lớn go all out, so bởi vì as many reps as you can in 20 seconds, put it down for 10, then pick it up again and go hell for another trăng tròn seconds....Our customers around the world:しょっかんっ: とても使いやすくシンプル!継続して筋トレしてます!Uscana82: E ótimo simples mas completoRofl클: 심플하고 좋음 Now, let's focus on your exercises và we handle the restRun in foreground, background và screen locked, Tabata Timer allows you to lớn specify an overall time as well as program Cycles, Warm Up time, Train/Rest interval & Cool down time. + Flexible và Advanced Timer+ Clean, simple & easy khổng lồ use (There is no learning curve here)+ Customize your own timer with some taps+ Fully customized timers with a complex of cycles và sets,+ Run in the background, foreground, screen locked+ Color, Voice & Sound Navigations (Customizable)+ Built in Music Player (in sync with tiện ích ios Music Player)+ Multiple themes khổng lồ select+ Manage your timers and data of training (you can edit & even delete unwanted time data)+ Create your own alarms right in the app+ Work on iPhone, iPad & iPod (Universal)+ and a lot more features will be added in over time.How to lớn use this app: There is no user manual here! -> download it -> tap on play button -> you will see -> It’s super easy