The Case Closed series has a few entertaining movies under its belt. Among these films, which of them prove lớn be the best?


Detective Conan, or Case Closed as it is also known in North America, is one of the longest-running manga from Japan. It started in 1994 with the anime debuting slightly after that in 1996. Unfortunately for dubbed fans, only about a fourth of the anime was ever translated. Thankfully the subs are still coming out after a long delay.

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The Case Closed manga and anime were so successful that they spawned movies. There have been over trăng tròn movies và specials so far. Oddly enough, there have been more recent dubs of these films than the anime. Of the dozens of Case Closed movies out there, which ones are worthwhile? For those curious, all eight of these picks can be found in both subbed & dubbed forms.

8 Case Closed: The Last Wizard Of The Century


Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century is about the world-famous thief, Phantom Thief Kid, who promises lớn steal a priceless Faberge Egg. This artifact is the last known in existence to lớn belong to lớn the great Russian family, the Romanovs. After a failed attempt, it looks like Kid is seemingly assassinated by someone known only as the Scorpion.

Others that want the egg start dying as well. There is a murder mystery involved but the biggest mystery of all is tied khổng lồ the egg & its missing counterpart. The film dives into some very National Treasure-like waters toward the end.


Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street is a death trò chơi involving virtual reality. Conan and his friends participate in what appears khổng lồ be a harmless VR thử nghiệm of an upcoming game. Unfortunately for them the controlling AI goes haywire và promises lớn fry everyone’s brain unless someone can beat the game.

Conan and his group are transported to foggy old London wherein they must uncover the identity behind Jack the Ripper. The conceit is interesting but a bit slow due lớn Conan’s child friends tagging along.


Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes begins with a mysterious cop killer offing members of the force one by one. At a wedding party, Ran witnesses one of the detectives going down.

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She knows who the killer is but due to lớn trauma, she went into shock, causing amnesia. The killer knows what Ran knows so they try to lớn kill her at every turn. Can Conan keep her safe, return her memory, & figure out the mystery of who the killer is?


Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target is a high-stakes game of elimination. A killer is going around, hunting people seemingly close khổng lồ Kogoro. The hapless detective & the force think the killer is an old convict Kogoro put away.

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This killer is leaving calling cards, seemingly working his down from the King to the Ace. Is this former convict looking for revenge or is there more to lớn it? No spoilers, but let’s just say the reasoning behind the killings is too ridiculous for words.

Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper is the very first movie in the series. There is a crazed bomber going around & blowing up buildings. These buildings are tied khổng lồ an architect Conan, Kogoro, & Ran just met. What’s the connection?

The film has a lot in common with Speed. There’s even a scene where trains can’t go below 60KMPH, which can’t be a coincidence. It is an adrenaline mad rush lớn the kết thúc filled with plenty of explosions.

Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare sheds some light on the mysterious organization that turned Shinichi into his childlike, reborn khung of Conan at the start of the series. The film opens up with an organization spy stealing information from the Public Safety Bureau. In her escape, she loses her memory and winds up in a new amusement park.

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This is where Conan and his friends meet up with her. It’s one of the newer movies so it features fairly late characters such as Amuro, Akai, and other FBI members. The Adult Swim run of the anime never got to these characters in the dub.

Case Closed: The Fist of blue Sapphire is one of the most bombastic films in the series. Phantom Thief Kid kidnaps Conan and brings him to lớn Singapore. Not only that, but Kid also disguises himself as Shinichi so he can stay close to Ran. Kid is being blamed for a murder he didn’t commit.

There’s also a fighting competition going on. How the two tie together is a little farfetched but it is a fun ride all the way to lớn the kết thúc with nonstop kích hoạt and jokes aplenty. Conan và Kid play off of each other well.

As fun as it is seeing Conan & Kid buddy up, their relationship doesn’t compare lớn this film. Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan: The Movie is the second crossover of the two franchises. The first was a TV special. The film begins with Lupin the 3rd disguising himself as Kid lớn steal a jewel.

This is all to lớn save Fujiko but the police, along with Conan, don’t care. They want to bring Lupin khổng lồ justice no matter the cost. It feels more like a Lupin movie than a Conan one because of how jam-packed it is with gags. However it is framed, fans of both franchises will get a kick out of it.