Many users have sent us feedback about the problem of windows drivers in Thinkpad T400:

Display Driver Stopped Responding và Has Recovered.

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Recently, Thinkpad T400 has been inserted with windows 7 in English, which contains the display driver, so there is no installation of any display driver. Later, it comes with a problem of systematic display driver that the interface has been disabled, then there is an alert: Display Driver Stopped Responding & Has Recovered, sometimes even with the blue screen.


What isDisplay Driver Stopped Responding & Has Recovered problem?

The "display driver stopped responding & has recovered" problem is more lượt thích an immediate crash. When this happens, the Windows system or application will freeze, crash or exit it to the desktop. Sometimes, the computer will also get stuck in a xanh screen of death or a đen screen of death. & then there is an error message showinging "Display driver stopped responding & has recovered" with detailed information about the driver. This error occurs when TDR feature detects that the graphics card does not respond in a time and reinitializes it with the Windows Display Driver Model.

Among some popular graphics driver brands such as AMD ATI, NVIDIA và Intel, the problem is common, especially when we are in games. It often becomes black screen at first, then recovers in a second. How can we solve the problem easily?


This prompt appears in windows Vista, windows 7 and windows 8, except for windows XP. But it doesn't refer to lớn no driver problems in windows XP, it is because Microsoft has improved Windows from time lớn time that ensure the stability of the systems. Microsoft has made some promotion in windows Vista và Windows 7 in order khổng lồ achieve better user experience on the condition that GPU is frequently & quickly run.

The reasons & solutions of the problem can be shown in the following:

Reason 1: when we phối the display effect as aero glass and start desktop combo, the graphics will work khổng lồ switch 2D and 3D displays. 2d display frequency can be shown as 3 chiều display frequency under the effect of aero glass on the desktop as long as the graphics is pretty good. If not, especially with integrated graphics or lower one, the computer will fail to achieve the frequent and accelerating switch, then become disabled which leads to đen screen, crash và the graphics driver stopped responding in windows 7.

There are several steps for us to lớn solve the problem effectively.

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1) "Start button", right click "This PC" then choose "properties";


2) Click "Advanced System Settings", choose "Advanced" & "settings" under performance;


3) Disabled "save taskbar thumbnail previews" và "show shadows under mouse pointer";


4) "Ok", then the screen will become faded to switch display effect.

PS: After turning off "show shadows under mouse pointer", "Aero peek will automaticallyclose because it is based on the former condition. All steps are done, then the display will work well, if you have any doubt, please restart your computer.

Reason 2: If the steps above don't work, then it may well be driver problems, such as incompatible drivers, driver conflicts, incorrect installation of drivers etc. In this case, what you need bởi vì is lớn clean and rearrange your system totally.

1) tải về and installDriver Booster. It will begin lớn scan your PC once run, then there will be a danh mục of outdated drivers. Kiểm tra out the graphics driver you need khổng lồ update in the list và uninstall it, then restart your computer.


Generally, after uninstalling all graphics drivers, you need to lớn clean all the registration information manually before restarting the computer. But with Driver Booster, you don't need lớn worry about it because all these including driver files & registration information can be automatically repaired by Driver Booster, reducing the instability of systems.

2) After restarting, run Driver Booster again, the system will automatically analyze your graphics drivers và then remind you lớn install a proper one, no worry about the compatibility of the installation because Driver Booster has a large database khổng lồ help you choose the most compatible one.