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Final Fantasy: Type-0 had me in tears after watching a chocobo bleed to death in the opening scene, & for the next 40 hours I would experience everything from sadness to disbelief as the thin but reverent story unfolded. During that same time, the zippy action-based combat made running around the world of Orience a lively experience, though viewed through an occasionally obstinate camera. Type-0 has a strange dichotomy of action and emotion, but it comes together to create a roleplaying trò chơi that works on multiple levels.

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Everything in Type-0 is tied lớn war, which makes for some intriguing presentation of the usual Final Fantasy features. Magic comes in the size of fire bombs, lightning missiles, và ice bullets, while the story progresses via military that involve liberating towns, defending bases, and invading cities. Even chocobos are bred for war; I liked that by capturing birds in the wild và correctly breeding them, you can hatch combat-ready chocobos that help fight in sorties, or can race across the world maps to quickly arrive at a destination.The tale of an elite group of young cadets fighting an aggressive military empire serves as a reminder that it’s the young who die in war, và who are the first lớn be forgotten.

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Class Zero’s emotional struggles – lượt thích watching friends die on the battlefield và then feeling guilty because they’re unable to lớn remember them, is incredibly moving. Unfortunately, the cringe-worthy voice acting in the English-language version sometimes distracted from the solemnity, especially when the class loudmouth Nine kept adding “yo” and “hey” after every bloody sentence. Luckily, there are humorous moments sprinkled in lớn lighten the mood and keep the story from getting too dark; I laughed out loud when a saucy cadet named Carla sweet-talked a military instructor, then turned around khổng lồ brag about her manipulation skills. that involve running through city streets or infiltrating fortresses were pretty fun, but I had a hard time with the real-time strategy missions that popped up here và there. I nearly rage quit one operation because the stubborn camera và clunky controls made it hard for me lớn move around the battlefield. These annoying mechanical issues were inherited from the original PSP version of Type-0 (which was released exclusively in nhật bản back in 2011), along with a few other noticeable limitations: NPCs have blocky faces, wall textures are blurred and jaggy, và dungeons và towns are little more than long, monochromatic corridors. I was so bored by most environments that I stopped caring about them halfway through the story.