After almost four years of PlayStation exclusivity, God of War now also lands on the PC. Not every masterpiece survives this change, we reveal how the God of War fares.

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“If you don’t behave, we’ll turn back right now!” This phrase makes children’s souls shudder all over the world. Most of the time, the little ones hear it from a parent when they get all jittery with excitement in the back seat because they are about khổng lồ go to lớn the next amusement park, swimming pool or, I don’t know, tia laze tag. Whatever today’s children lượt thích to do.

But now imagine the following scenario: The child remains a child. The tia laze tag is the highest peak in the country và the parent is the Greek god of war. Surely six feet tall, arms staring with muscle, a voice like thunder và a massive ice axe on his back. Và you thought your father would make your knees weak with the opening sentence.

Not all giants in God of War are big – but some are.Luckily, you don’t have lớn let the God of War yell at you in the action adventure God of War. For it is you who slip into this role. Only you are not alone, but travel with son Atreus khổng lồ scatter the ashes of his deceased mother. A mismatched pair & a new role for a well-known anti-hero. This character change is one of the reasons why this trò chơi has already been almost worshipped by numerous PlayStation 4 owners in 2018.

God of War is considered one of the best kích hoạt games of the last decade. Probably one of the best of all time. Và after Horizon: Zero Dawn, the next PlayStation biggie to make its way to the PC.

If you haven’t paid attention to lớn God of War because of its exclusivity & are now wondering what makes this game so great, grab a methorn and read on. We’ve been testing the PC version, keeping a watchful eye like Odin’s raven khổng lồ see if it suffers from similar PC technical issues as it once did (Horizon: Zero Dawn).

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This production is second to lớn none

The fact that the narrative around Kratos & Atreus captivates so many people in front of the screen is not only due to the father-son relationship & how well the trò chơi portrays its characters. God of War can strike other chords besides deep emotions and then puts its epic world centre stage. Yes, even a humanised god like Kratos occasionally seems dwarfed amidst the breathtaking landscapes.

But it’s not just the rugged mountains, glittering lakes or entirely different landscapes like the jungle-like Alfheim, where dark and light elves dwell, that will amaze you. Such fascination can, of course, easily turn into bewilderment in a screwed-up PC conversion. But that shouldn’t happen with God of War.

Unlike on the PS4, we can tweak the graphics settings more extensively on the PC. But they are not extensive.Of course we can’t speak for all the systems in the world, but on the demo computers (GTX 3080, GTX 1050 Ti) God of War ran as smooth as butter. It looks even better on the highest settings than on the PS4. There was only one bug in over 15 hours of play, and that was a display error in a cutscene. Otherwise, the PC version is just as amazing as on the console. Even if you already know the game.

This is new in the PC versionUltra-Wide-Support: You can play on 21:9 screens.Unlimited Frame Rate:If your computer can handle 60 or more FPS, then this is possible.Graphics options:Quality of models, textures or shadows can be adjusted.

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Key assignment: You can assign all functions lớn any key on the keyboard.Nvidia DLSS and Reflex: On GPUs from Nvidia, this can improve performance.This is what else is in itNew trò chơi Plus:The release version of God of War still came without this feature, the PC version offers the option lớn start a new trò chơi with existing powers but stronger enemies right from the start.Bonus content: On PC, Kratos and Atreus start with the Death Oath armour set, plus Kratos has a choice of several visual customisations for his shield

Especially when you are confronted with truly gigantic entities at some point during the plot, the designs, camera work & sound make your mouth drop open. The music alone occasionally sets the heart racing. The term “epic” has become somewhat hackneyed, but if a trò chơi can be described as such, then it is God of War!

Especially creatures like this huge turtle make the world look enormous.

A God in a Battle Frenzy

The battles, which ảo diệu the playful vi xử lý core of God of War, also seem to be cast from a single mould. Unlike in the predecessors, the camera stays very close lớn Kratos most of the time, and numerous enemies stand in his way. Rarely a good idea, considering the body count of the Ghost of Sparta.

Admittedly, God of War does not have a revolutionary combat system, but lets you use a combination of light, heavy và long-range attacks khổng lồ beat the Draugr, trolls or ogres khổng lồ a pulp. Nevertheless, the implementation is one of the best you can find among modern hack và slays. The force of the fights alone makes them something special, and when Kratos calls back his axe with the press of a button & it wipes six Draugr off their legs in the process, you truly feel lượt thích a god.

With the controller, God of War plays wonderfully, as it did on the consoles. That was khổng lồ be expected. What is much more surprising is that the mouse and keyboard are also excellent. Even the standard assignment works perfectly after a short familiarisation period, but you can also choose to lớn assign the entire key layout yourself. That’s how a PC conversion should be!

Such giant trolls appear more often, but in different variations.One remaining criticism is that God of War does not offer an overwhelmingly large number of different enemy types. But this is most noticeable in the quái dị fights against the trolls, which occur again và again in a slightly different form. & those who expect a sequence of massive quái nhân fights lượt thích in the predecessors might also be disappointed.

On the edge of kích hoạt role-playing

Both Kratos & his son learn as the campaign progresses. Because basically God of War is on the borderline of an action role-playing game. Sure, new attack manoeuvres via runes or skill trees can be found in many games. In God of War, however, there is also a thoroughly in-depth thành tích system. Kratos’ overall strength determines his equipment.

Depending on the breastplate, loincloth và gloves, other characteristics are buffed. There are three basic armour types, which always focus on either attack power, armour or cooldown for abilities. However, you can modify them further by adding runes to lớn existing sockets or upgrading them at the blacksmith.

The dwarves Sindri & Brok craft items and upgrade Kratos weapons.New sockets, however, are only available for rarer equipment that comes in different colours. This makes for a motivating tìm kiếm for loot, but for the main story you don’t necessarily have khổng lồ work out the perfect build on the medium difficulty level. This makes the armour pieces somewhat interchangeable at first, but Diablo fans will most likely feel a tingling in their fingers already.

From Midgard to lớn Helheim – an xuất hiện world?

What was that, main story? Is there any stuff off the beaten track? Good look out! To gọi God of War an open-world game would be a bit presumptuous. But Kratos và Atreus can occasionally explore the world around them. Above all, the great lake with the Temple of Tyr và the Midgard Serpent is to be understood as a hub world, from where the two either paddle to other shores by boat or immediately enter another of the total of nine mythological realms (not all of which are available) via the Bifrost.

In the World Chamber, the heroes can travel to other realms with the help of a Bifröst.Many locations only become available when Kratos or Atreus have gained the corresponding abilities. So there’s a bit of Metroidvania in God of War, too. Exploring is not only worthwhile khổng lồ get better items. There are additional side quests that are very elaborate và tell nice little stories. But there are also tough challenges like the labyrinth of Niflheim or the scattered Valkyries. If you want, you can spend dozens of hours with God of War long after the main quest is over.