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11 years since MBC released the romantic-comedy series "My Princess," which viewers fell in love with. Its catchy storyline và well-written script captivated fans. At the same time, Kim Tae Hee and tuy vậy Seung Hun perfectly executed their characters.

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As the series received recognition và was watched by thousands of viewers in different parts of the world, where are they now?


"My Princess" follows the story of Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee), a 25-year-old lady who enters college và dreams of becoming a princess. Her dreams turn into reality after she meets Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun), a handsome diplomat & the sole successor of one of the largest conglomerates in Korea.

Song Seung Hun

Named as one of the hottest K-actors in the industry, tuy vậy Seung Hun is consistent in making dramas for the past 11 years. Following the conclusion of "My Princess," he starred in different series such as "When a Man Loves," "Black," "The Player," "Dinner Mate," "Voice 4" & more.


The actor can pull off any kind of role, & he proves it from the past projects he became part of. This 2022, he is rumored khổng lồ appear in Netflix"s upcoming series "Black Knight" alongside Kim Woo Bin, Esom, và Kang You Seok.

Kim Tae Hee

Hailed as one of the K-drama Queens, Kim Tae Hee is now married to lớn singer and actor Rain. But before she entered the world of married life, the "Stairway to Heaven" star had built an impressive acting portfolio where she showcased her full potential as an actress.


Following "My Princess," the ever-talented star appeared in "99 Days with the Superstar" in 2011, "Jang Ok Jung" in 2013, "Yong Pal" in 2013, & her latest series "Hi Bye Mama" in 2020.

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She bagged major awards for her incredible acting in the "Yong Pal." As of 2022, the female star has no confirmed drama yet.

Park Ye Jin

Most of her dramas were watched by many, and playing various roles in different genres made Park Ye Jin flexible & helped her widen her spectrum when it comes to acting. She previously worked with "Twenty Five, Twenty One" actors phái nam Joo Hyuk và Han Ji Min in the movie "Josee."


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She also appeared in the phenomenal K-series "The Great Queen Seondeok." After "My Princess," Park Jung Min starred in five dramas such as "I Love Lee Tae Ri," "Mr. Baek," "Last," "My Country: The New Age," và "Soul Mechanic."

Ryu Soo Young

Excellent Actor recipient, Ryu Soo Young, who is still slaying in his 40s. He started acting in 2002 & made his first on-screen appearance on SBS" "Bright Girl"s Success." According lớn a source, the "Bad Couple" star already has 21 dramas under his belt.


As of this writing, Ryu Soo Young"s latest K-drama was "Here"s My Plan" which premiered a year in 2021.

Lee Gi Kwang on the other hand, who was still a rookie actor in "My Princess" is now a big-time musician making và producing music with his bandmates, Highlight, which was formerly known as BEAST.

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