Kritika: The trắng Knights is an RPG from Com2uS Holdings Corporation. You have khổng lồ choose a character of one of the provided classes & go through dangerous locations with him, filled with vicious enemies & no less dangerous bosses. Game modes: PvE and PvP. You can team up, go through solo activities & participate in guild events. The main advantages of the game: a variety of characters, bright drawing and exciting gameplay.

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Kritika The trắng Knights: anh hùng Leveling Guide


Selecting a character class. Choosing a class is a very important decision that greatly affects the gameplay. Each class has its own advantages & disadvantages.

Ice sorcerer. Attacks enemies in a large radius with powerful ice magic skills.Thug. Attacks enemies with powerful melee attacks using the nguồn of the gauntlet on the left hand.Bully. A talented swordswoman who is excellent with firearms. Specializes in combat at medium range. Possesses powerful và spectacular skills.Berserk. Attacks enemies quickly and furiously. Giao dịch high damage and can reflect the organized attack of enemies.Acrobat cat. Agile & furious, she attacks enemies in close combat with a powerful series of blows. Easily accumulates hits in a series and stops enemies.Dark Valkyrie. Long range master. Long-range attacks & a high magic attack rate make her indispensable in battles with hordes of monsters.Twilight Mage. Uses shadow magic khổng lồ bend enemies to lớn his will và destroy them in close combat.Scarlet Assassin . Attacks enemies at a short distance and specializes in boss khủng fights. Quick recovery of skills allows you to lớn defeat almost any boss.Demon swordsman. Difficulty controlling his own strength. One of the best damage dealt characters. Ideal for using fast but very powerful attacks.Bloodsucker. Steals the life energy of enemies và uses it for powerful attacks at a great distance.


How to make your character stronger? The fastest and easiest way to lớn make your character stronger is to lớn equip them with weapons and armor. Complete tasks, open chests and check the các mục of goods in the shop. This way you can get new common, uncommon, epic, legendary & ethereal items. Ethereal+ equipment can only be obtained by combining Ethereal items of the same type.

Fortify your equipment lớn make your character stronger. The maximum màn chơi of fortification of high-quality items is +35. Fortified weapons have a special glowing visual effect! Create frames in pieces of equipment khổng lồ encrust them with gems. Jewelry can only be inlaid with opals.

Complete daily tasks and get rewards. Complete Mao’s training to earn rewards. After every 5th completion of the training, you will receive a special reward.

Awakening. Complete tasks lớn awaken your character và make him much stronger. Khổng lồ awaken a character, you must complete all tasks for awakening. Complete daily quests and get awakening stones as a reward. These stones can be used to enhance skills. The waiting time for the reactivation of the awakening task depends on your VIP level.

Hero skills. Each class has a chất lượng set of skills that you can develop. Active skills can be used in combat to deliver a powerful attack or buff the character. Passive skills automatically increase the characteristics of the character. Once you reach character cấp độ 70, you can unlock powerful master skills for your tư vấn characters! Reach cấp độ 70 as fast as possible khổng lồ get incredible power!

Send energy to friends every day, and also receive energy as a gift from them. Don’t forget lớn choose your friends to lớn help you through difficult stages.


Awakened Skills. Awakened skills are available after the character awakens. They are more powerful than regular skills. To lớn develop an awakened skill, awakening stones are required. Awakening Stones can be obtained as a reward for completing a quest. Most awakened skills have two development paths. Each of the paths differs in effects and characteristics. You can reset awakened skills for karats.

The value of gems and meteorites. Use gems và meteorites khổng lồ improve your character’s stats. The menu of gems và meteorites are available on the main screen. Most equipment only increases attack & defense stats, but gems and meteorites affect many other stats.

Gems. You can upgrade gems with synthesis to enhance their effect. You can encrust with a gem an object with a frame. There are two types of gems: gems & opals.

Gems: Ruby (ATK) / Topaz (HEALTH) / Emerald: (DEF) / Amethyst (additional damage) / Onyx (critical damage) / Peridot (damage taken) / Sapphire (Mana).Opals: Special Opal (statistics) / Skill Opal (skill effect). Skill opals are available for all character skills. New opals can be obtained from the Tower of Woe or from legendary caskets.

Meteorites. Meteorites can be synthesized up to màn chơi +5. Combine two +5 meteorites of the same quality to get a random meteorite of the best quality! You can also get a glowing meteorite. There are three types of meteorites: meteorites, shining meteorites and star fragments. Quality: common - uncommon - rare - epic - legendary - ethereal.

Meteorites: Use meteorites khổng lồ boost your character’s stats. Meteorites can be obtained for completing stages, in the Tower of Woe and the Guild Tower.Glowing Meteorites: Improve the effects of meteorites. You can get a shining meteorite by combining meteorites (with a certain probability).Star Shards: Max unique - Legendary. You can use them to improve the unique of items with an upgrade. Star Shards can be obtained from Daily Dungeons.


Extraterrestrial meteorites. Ethereal meteorites have one character skill parameter. Ethereal shining meteorites have one special parameter. You can change the parameters of an unearthly meteorite using reforging. When reforging, the skill parameter and the special parameter are changed.

Hero pets. Pets can be obtained by summoning. High quality pets can be obtained through coupons và pet bonding. The pet voucher can be purchased for gold or carats at the market. You can also receive coupons as a reward for participating in promotions. The pet accompanies all characters on the account. You can assign your Guardian Pet khổng lồ the Guild Battle. Pets boost characters’ stats and give them passive effects that can change the course of a fight.

A pet can be developed up to lớn 25 times. After cấp độ 15, you will need exactly the same pet as a material (Ethereal: Max +25 / Normal - Legendary: Max +15). For each trò chơi mode, you can assign a specific pet. Assigned pets are selected automatically at the start of a battle in different modes. Available modes for assigning pets: Tower of Woe, Arena, World Boss, & Guild Battle.

Where to find the necessary pumping items? In the market, you can exchange items for more needed ones. Visit the market regularly - the menu of goods in the market is updated every week. The đen Market is a special cửa hàng with random items that can be bought with gold or carats. You can find very good deals here. Prices here are lower than in the store. Go lớn the black market more often. The danh mục of goods is updated every hour, but you can update the danh mục ahead of time for 50 carats.

Kritika The white Knights: How khổng lồ improve equipment?


Forging equipment. Forging is the fastest way to get powerful items of equipment.

Apprentice Forging: Uncommon - Rare quality items (requires 3 materials) Expert Forging: Rare - Epic unique items (requires 10 materials).Master Forge: Epic - Legendary quality items (requires 49 materials). Nâng cấp your forge to craft higher unique items.

Strengthening. Fortify items to become stronger! The higher the màn chơi of fortification of the weapon, the brighter it shines. Items of normal - legendary chất lượng can be fortified up to level 25. Ethereal items can be fortified up to màn chơi 30. Ethereal+ items - up lớn lvl 35 You can strengthen the nhà cửa for gold or carats. If you fail to lớn strengthen with gold, the cost of strengthening for carats is reduced (up khổng lồ a maximum of 60%).

Passing properties. You can also transfer the properties of one vật phẩm to another. Material for transferring properties can be obtained from the Tower of Woe. To transfer properties, gold or carats are also required.

Fit. Fitting requires a material chiến thắng of any type, but of the same quality as the target. After fitting, you can encrust the công trình with gems và opals. When fitting, the type of frame is determined randomly (for all types of equipment, except jewelry).

If you use a gem of the same type as the setting, its stats will be increased by 20%. When using a gem of a type that does not match the setting, the characteristics will be reduced by 40%. Setting types: ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, onyx. Jewelry can only be inlaid with opals.


Reforging và remelting. Use thắng lợi reforging khổng lồ change its properties. Use smelting khổng lồ increase the value of the property. Reforging & Smelting require Blacksmith Coupons or Carats. The number of coupons and carats depends on the quality of the item. Depending on the value, the màu sắc of the property changes: trắng - purple - orange - red.

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Union. Combine two items of the same unique to get a higher quality item.

Transformation. Transmutation allows you to transform a fortified thành công into an cống phẩm of the same quality.Union. By combining, you can transform two items of the same quality into an thành phầm of a higher quality.

If you don’t have enough material items, you can replace the material with carats. When merging & transforming, the mass merging function is available. When mass fusing, you can get up to lớn 10 items in one action.

Unearthly mass association. When ethereal mass fusing, only items of a random type can be used. Ethereal items can be obtained from Legendary Fusion, chests, Stages (underworld difficulty), Elite Stages, và Elite Chests. By transmuting legendary items, you can obtain "secret" items with enhanced stats.


How bởi I upgrade an công trình to Ethereal+? You can tăng cấp an ethereal tác phẩm +20 to lớn an ethereal+ tòa tháp with an ethereal material thành công of the same type, gold and lapis lazuli. Fortification level, fitted mounts and modifiers will be carried over lớn the new ethereal+ item. The maximum values ??of characteristics increase after upgrading the vật phẩm to ethereal+ quality. An Ethereal+ thành tích can consume a gem khổng lồ increase stats.

Absorption requires: gem +10 or higher, opal +40 and higher, gold và lapis lazuli. The higher the cấp độ of the opal, the greater the increase in performance equipment will receive. Example: ruby ??(+10) + opal (+50) = 3500 ATK. Ruby (+10) + Opal (+60) = 5000 ATK. The higher the màn chơi of the opal, the more gold and lapis lazuli are required khổng lồ absorb. The cấp độ of synthesis of opal can be increased after absorption.

How to upgrade ethereal+ equipment? You can increase the màn chơi of ethereal+ equipment using the ethereal+ fortification feature. To fortify, you will need: an ethereal thành tích + equipment of the same type, gold and lapis lazuli. The maximum màn chơi of unearthly + fortification is lvl 10. At each level, the parameters of the thành tựu are improved.

Treasure chests. Open chests to lớn get new items, incl. Gems and opals. Xuất hiện equipment chests to get a certain type of cống phẩm or materials lớn strengthen.

Kritika The white Knights: chiến dịch Walkthrough


Concept. The campaign is the easiest way to level up a character in Kritika. Pass stages, open areas with new monsters and become stronger! chiến dịch mode has 11 chapters (103 stages, 4 difficulty levels). After completing a stage on normal difficulty, you can play it again on medium or hard difficulty.

Underworld difficulty màn chơi is available after reaching cấp độ 70. Character. The "Hell" difficulty cấp độ in the chapter is available only after completing the previous chapter on this difficulty. If you encounter difficulties during the passage, you can use the special "Mao’s Help" coupons. These coupons can be obtained as a reward for completing stages. Don’t forget that you can call a friend for help in a difficult quái dị fight!

Energy consumption. To get started, tap a stage. Khổng lồ enter the stage, 5 units of energy are required. You gain 1 unit of energy every 6 minutes. Take advantage of the power saving feature. Before entering the stage, you can choose the energy consumption multiplier (from x1 to x4). You will spend more energy, but you will get more experience and gold. Select the nguồn consumption multiplier.

When using a multiplier for energy consumption, not only the likelihood of getting good items increases, but also the number of potential rewards. In recent trò chơi updates, the rewards for using the Energy Spending Multiplier have been greatly improved. The energy cost multiplier does not affect completion rewards.


Help Mao. Coupons "Help Mao" can be obtained for completing the stages of the campaign. Khổng lồ activate this feature, you need 40 "Mao’s Help" Coupons. The best way to lớn get "Mao’s Help" coupons is as a reward for participating in promotions! "Mao’s Help" is available khổng lồ all characters on the trương mục (including tư vấn characters). This function increases attack power and defense by 15%, health by 20%, crit chance. Hit by 5% và the amount of experience gained by 20%! ("Mao’s help" is valid only in the "Campaign" mode!). Use "Mao’s Help" lớn get through the most difficult stages.

"Help Mao" is valid for only one hour. For this reason, it is recommended khổng lồ accumulate as much power as possible before using this function. Sapphires can be obtained as a reward for completing stages. Accumulate them to get the most out of Mao’s Help.

How khổng lồ quickly develop a character (gain experience)? Complete as many stages as possible on three difficulties (low, normal và hard). Then use "Mao’s Help" & the Energy Cost multiplier repeatedly on Normal difficulty. This will help you significantly increase the amount of experience gained. If you want to lớn quickly reach new levels, it is recommended khổng lồ use "Mao’s Help" và increased energy consumption at the same time.


Can’t pass a stage? Friends & potions will help you! It is possible that the recommended BS of the stage will be higher than yours. In this situation, you can use potions or summon a fighter. Use a fighter whose BS matches the recommended BS of the stage. With the right choice, you can pass the stage even with the "Auto-battle" turned on! Potions replenish your health và mana. Heal yourself in the fight against difficult bosses!

Don’t forget that your main goal is to lớn make your character stronger. After the stage fails, a pop-up window will appear. If you constantly die in the stages, use the tips highlighted in red.

Get stronger by completing stages and earning rewards. The best stages to lớn play multiple times are midbosses và chapter bosses. During these stages, there is a chance lớn get legendary items. Also at these stages, the probability of obtaining silver keys, sapphires, fragments of weapons và armor is increased.


Use new equipment và avatars. By completing the stages, you can get a lot of good equipment items and even avatars. The weapon avatar for 3 days can be obtained by completing stages 2-11 on normal difficulty. Avatar for 3 days can be obtained for completing stage 3-4 on normal difficulty. Wings Avatar for 3 days can be obtained by completing stage 7-4 on easy difficulty. These avatars are only valid for 3 days.

Daily dungeon. The Daily Dungeon is available from the campaign Mode screen. For completing the dungeon, you can get star shards và materials for transferring properties. The higher the difficulty cấp độ of the dungeon, the better the chất lượng of the star shards. The daily dungeon refreshes at midnight vps time. You can enter the dungeon for không tính phí three times a day. Additional attempts can be bought for carats. The cost of each new attempt increases.

elite stages. Elite stages are available after completing chapter 10 and reaching character cấp độ 70. To go lớn the elite stage, tap the icon in the upper right corner of the stage selection screen. As a reward for completing 12 elite stages, you can get elite equipment. Pass the elite stages and get generous rewards!

Kritika The trắng Knights: How khổng lồ get past the wave of monsters?


Wave of monsters. Monster Wave is a game mode in which you have khổng lồ fight monsters for 90 seconds that arrive in your immediate surroundings in whole parties or, poetically speaking, "waves". For each passage, you will receive a variety of useful things, such as, for example: gold, gems, Marks of the Fighter, materials for making weapons, etc. In addition, you can win amazing weekly rewards based on the cumulative points you accumulate during the week.

Where is boss Wave located? Go to the Survival section on the main screen. Touch the quái vật Wave icon. In order to lớn enter the Wave of Monsters, you need khổng lồ pay a price - sapphires.

Some skills are more suitable for the quái nhân Wave. Bởi not forget khổng lồ equip your nhân vật with them before passing. This way you can win more points. Skills with a large area of ??effect and useful bonuses are best suited.

How to kiểm tra the time left until the kết thúc of the quái nhân Wave? On the main screen, go to the Rating menu, in the lower right section you will see a counter showing the time left until the kết thúc of the current Wave:


Secrets of successful passage

EX skill is highly recommended for successful completion! This skill charges automatically as you attack enemies. This skill is especially valuable in modes such as quái thú Wave, where even a single quái dị killed can be decisive in awarding rewards. The first quái dị appears after 42 kills, all subsequent ones after about every 50th.

Save and use EX skill on Bosses. Among other things, this will increase your chances of getting gold! There are seven levels of difficulty in quái thú Wave. Levels must be completed sequentially, i.e., in order to mở cửa a new level, you must go through the previous one.

1. Bonus for passing. The bonus for passing is gems. Completing tasks can also earn you rewards. Conquest Points Reward:

20,000 +2 gems (random);40,000 +3 gems (random);60,000 +4 gems (random);100,000 +5 gems (random);200,000 +6 gems (random);1,500,000 +7 gems (random).

The more Conquest Points you get, the more Gems you get!

2. Choosing the right dungeon. Choose the dungeon where you can earn the most gold và conquest points. The Wave of Monsters is exactly the place where it is best to lớn earn gold, which is so necessary for the development of your hero. Even if a dungeon has a màn chơi of "Virtuoso", it does not mean that you will earn the most gold there. Choose the dungeon that best suits your current abilities.

Remember! The maximum possible number of defeated monsters for which you receive a reward is 300. You can kill more, however, the reward is limited to this number.


3. Spend sapphires. Don’t forget lớn use spending modes for sapphires (x2, x3, max). This saves a lot of time. The reward received (gold & conquest points) is multiplied according khổng lồ the selected mode of spending sapphires. Multipliers x1, x2 are available for all players without restrictions. In order lớn use the x3 multiplier, you must have at least one character of màn chơi 30+, as well as VIP level 5.

4. Use pass tickets. Just as you can use Mao’s help when completing stages, you can use pass tickets when completing monster Waves. Pass tickets accumulate as you play, the more & longer you play, the more tickets you will collect. Remember, once activated, the pass only lasts one hour! In order lớn make the best use of it, prepare in advance:

Set a personal best in boss Wave. After activating the pass, you will receive a reward equivalent lớn the highest Conquest Points of the season và the highest amount of gold received.Use as many sapphires as possible. Since the pass is valid for a limited time, it makes sense to lớn stock up on the right amount of sapphires in advance.Play not only as the main character, but also as additional ones!

Try khổng lồ use the "max" spending sapphires feature when the pass is activated. The "max" function will become available after the pass is activated. It allows you to use all available sapphires at one time.


5. Get weekly rewards. Get weekly rewards for completing trùm cuối Waves. Every Tuesday at midnight, the Weekly boss Wave Rewards are sent out. The reward is calculated based on your Conquest Points. Check how many conquest points you have. Kiểm tra what kind of reward you can get for your points. Kiểm tra out the View Rewards section to lớn see how much gold you can get.

Please lưu ý that the amount of gold received increases significantly if your results are in the vị trí cao nhất 10%!

Kritika The white Knights: Guild Features


Guild system. Players can form a guild to fight together và receive special rewards. Kiểm tra in the guild daily và get guild points. Take part in various trò chơi events và promotions together with your guildmates or just chat và help each other become stronger. In the guild store, you can purchase special items and rewards for guild points (or carats).

Guild tower. Guild Tower - a special mode for guild fighters. Fight with your guildmates to clear 6 towers of monsters và get special buffs. The head of the guild can summon the guardian of the tower và call the guild members into battle! Each tower has a special effect that becomes stronger as the màn chơi of the tower increases. Each guild fighter can go lớn battle in the tower 2 times a day. Rewards are distributed depending on the contribution to lớn the victory. Flame Tower can be expanded without entering combat.

Guild battle. Guilds with more than 24 fighters can participate in the battle with other guilds. Opponents in the guild battle are randomly selected. Guild leaders choose attacking fighters, each of which can attack opponents twice. Defender fighters are automatically selected from among the fighters with the highest BS. There are two rewards that can be obtained in the Guild Battle: the Battle Reward & the Season Reward.

Kritika The white Knights: Guide lớn the in-game store


VIP. When you buy carats, you get VIP points. You can also earn VIP points for purchasing a mix that does not contain karats. Depending on your VIP level, you can get various in-game bonuses that will help you in battles!

Avatars. There are three types of avatars in the game: for the body, for weapons & wings. The store has a wide selection of avatars of each type. A character with an avatar gets a bonus to lớn their stats. The character also receives a bonus for avatars in the collection. Avatars can be bought in the store and in the market.

Sets. The store has a large selection of kits with goods for any need! Buy sets of the first purchase of the month, development and promotions! With their help, you can quickly develop your character.

Items. Buy meteorites và star shards to lớn become stronger! You can also buy legendary decorations to lớn help you reach new levels faster!

Tickets. You can replenish energy reserves, sapphires, and signs of a fighter.

Carats & gold. Items in the trò chơi are sold for gold và carats!

Other. Use potions khổng lồ complete difficult stages. Buy Name Change Coupons, Gems Transfer Coupons, and Equipment Transfer Coupons khổng lồ develop additional characters faster!

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