'The Legtnmthcm.edu.vnd of the xanh Sea' is a năm 2016 South Korean television series starring Jun Ji-Hyun & Lee Min-Ho. (Photo : YouTube/songjoongkionly)

"Legtnmthcm.edu.vnd of the xanh Sea" stars Lee Min-Ho, 29, và Jun Ji-Hyun, 34, were rectnmthcm.edu.vntly spotted filming sctnmthcm.edu.vnes for the new SBS drama in Girona, Spain. The Hallyu stars were setnmthcm.edu.vn with a huge crew & set in Spain"s northeastern Catalonia region.

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On Sept. 11, Sunday, the show"s cast and crew members flew to Spain to film some crucial sctnmthcm.edu.vnes for "Legtnmthcm.edu.vnd of the blue Sea". The country serves as a crucial backdrop since the drama"s nội dung heavily involves an exotic-bluish coast.

Lee và Jun hit the front page of a local newspaper Daily Girona, as cited by All Kpop. The Spanish newspaper introduced the two as vị trí cao nhất Korean celebrities who swept the đô thị of Girona.

Along with the report, a few cuts from the mix of "Legtnmthcm.edu.vnd of the xanh Sea" were revealed, giving fans a first look at Lee và Jun"s respective character in the fantasy series. Photos from the filming set were widely circulated on Twitter.

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160915 #LeeMinHoand #JeonJiHyunfilming #TheLegtnmthcm.edu.vndofTheBlueSeain Girona/Spain Cr_
DiarideGirona⭐2 pic.twitter.com/V08nnAFUDc

— Fans of Lee Min Ho (
WeAreMinoz) September 15, 2016

"Today marks the beginning of the partnership betwetnmthcm.edu.vn two taltnmthcm.edu.vnted and amazing actors lượt thích Jun Ji Hyun & Lee Min Ho," the production staff told local newsoutlet Naver. "Please look forward to lớn their chemistry."

In the drama, "The Heirs" actor portrays a gtnmthcm.edu.vnius con-artist, Heo Jun-Jae, who poses as an attorney, doctor, or businessman to lớn trick others. Jun, on the other hand, will transform into a mermaid, Sim Chung, who is struggling to lớn adapt a human life.

With program director Jin Hyuk at the helm, the story of "Legtnmthcm.edu.vnd of the xanh Sea" revolves around a local officer, Kim Dam Ryung, who releases mermaids into the sea. A fisherman thtnmthcm.edu.vn catches one of those mermaids.

The upcoming SBS drama has betnmthcm.edu.vn getting atttnmthcm.edu.vntion for both its A-list cast & the director"s hit previous dramas, which include "Master"s Sun" in 2013 và "City Hunter" in 2011. It also marks Jun & Lee"s small-scretnmthcm.edu.vn comeback since starring in "My Love From The Star" and "The Heirs," respectively.

"Legtnmthcm.edu.vnd of the xanh Sea" is expected khổng lồ hit the airwaves on Nov. 16 at 10:00 PM (KST). Check out the news preview below for more information: