Amai Choubatsu: Watashi Wa Kanshu Senyou Pet (Uncensored), Amai Choubatsu Watashi Wa Kanshu Senyou Pet Vol

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Bạn đang xem: Amai choubatsu: watashi wa kanshu senyou pet

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Framed and sent to Kokuyoku Prison for embezzlement, Hina Saotome desperately wants to prove her innocence. However, just when she thought her situation couldn't get any worse, she realizes that she is the only woman in a prison populated by men. But she may have even more to fear from Aki Myoujin, a handsome and stern warden who is intent on punishing her for an unknown reason.Although the warden's treatment is unconventional, Hina's body soon begins to long for Aki's particular brand of discipline. But has this hypnotizing man, who has captivated her body, captured her heart as well?

The anime aired in three versions: an all-ages broadcast version, a 15+ version on AT-X, and an uncut 18+ version streamed on ComicFesta Anime Zone.This entry reflects an uncut 18+ version of the anime.

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It's eye candy porn. The art doesn't look horrible, hot guys to possibly couple with the heroine.The story is frustrating, but anyway it's three minutes per episode what would you expect. The anticipation does hook you at times.My ears were deaf to the sound so I can't comment on it. I can only hear the heroine's hentai moans and "dame".On a porn perspective, for a hentai made for (masochist) women, the scenarios were hot. This is not for people who are sensitive to non-consent which is a recurring theme in hentai.It overall made me feel repulsed, thus my low rating.
It’s josei smut so my review is based on what it is meant to be. The boys are hot — very important — plus the seiyuus did a good job. The flaw is that the focus should be more on them — to allow us to hear them more and look at them. Too many ecchi and hentai are created for men so I hoped there was more of the beautiful boys to ogle at for this genre. But I must note how the MC’s physique is not the exaggeratedly busty type we always see in the genre but something more fitting of the female ... gaze.I’m taking another star off because of the amount of sex scenes to quality as ecchi before crossing over the thin line to hentai. I get that all the rape she gets is integral to the little we get of the story from this very short run, but this causes misunderstanding for those who are not ready for it. Girls watch anime too, girls watch hentai and porn too — whatever fantasies and fetishes we may have, and no matter how problematic they may be, no one has the right to be prudish and judgemental. I was compelled to write my first review here because I’m a straight female who enjoys smut and we’re so unrepresented here. If you are comfortable with non consent and Stockholm syndrome, this is something you can watch.Like another reviewer, I did also see that it was inaccurately labeled as “teen’s love” in a hentai streaming site. The characters are all adults, far from being young. There’s nothing vanilla about the story, but I have observed that any anime with any semblance of romance gets (cynically) mislabeled as such. I hope more ecchi targeted to women come out in the future! That’s the first step. Then maybe the next step is to not make the woman so weak, and give her some agency, too.

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