How To Clear The Cache And Cookies In Your Web Browser, How To Clear Cache And Cookies In Google Chrome

Computer cookies can make our lives easier. They can save our shopping carts, speed up checkout times, & store login credentials, and other personal information so we don’t have to. 

But lượt thích how too many of the fresh-baked ones can give you a bellyache, too many computer cookies stored on your browser can a headache. That’s cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl for personally identifiable information stored in cookies, which they can exploit and/or sell on the dark web. 

Knowing how khổng lồ clear cookies & cache from your browser is an important step in protecting your personal data online. & that’s where this step-by-step guide comes in — to lớn help you learn how khổng lồ remove cookies và keep different types of hackers off your trail. 

We’ve included all the main browsers below, so jump to lớn the one you most or look through them all to get an in-depth understanding. 

How khổng lồ clear cookies in Chrome… 


As one of the most popular internet browsers, Google Chrome is available on many devices — & there is a way lớn remove cookies from each of them. 

… on your Windows or Mac computer

Open Chrome.In the top right-hand corner of the browser, you will see three dots, which indicates a settings menu. Click on the dots.Scroll down lớn the bottom of the page và click on “Advanced.”Click on “Clear browsing data.”Under the “All cookies & site data” section, you can which cookies lớn delete based on a specific time range and other options.Finally, you can complete the deletion by clicking “Clear data.” You can also clear your cache, which is where your computer stores viewed websites so they can be loaded faster on future visits. 

… on your android device

On your game android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.To the right of the address bar, tap on “More,” or what looks like three dots, and then select “Settings.”Tap on the “Privacy” category & then select “Clear browsing data.” Here you can personalize your selections for which cookies khổng lồ delete by selecting a specific time range.Once you have made your selections, you can then check “Cookies and site data.” Uncheck all the other items.Tap “Clear data.”

… on your game ios device 

On your device, launch the Chrome app.At the top right, tap on the three dots, scroll down, và then select “Settings.”Under settings, tap “Privacy” then “Clear browsing data.”Select “Cookies, site data” & uncheck all other items.Tap on “Clear browsing data.”Then select “Done.”

How khổng lồ clear cookies in Firefox …


Follow these steps for how khổng lồ delete cookies in Firefox across your desktop and mobile devices.

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… on your Windows or Mac computer

Open Firefox on your computer.In the upper right-hand corner of the browser, click the menu bars, which look like three parallel lines, and click the “Privacy” tab.Here you can select “Clear your recent history.”Be sure that only “Cookies” is checked, and then select the time frame for which you would lượt thích to delete your cookies. If you want khổng lồ delete all cookies, select “Everything.”Double-check your selections to make sure that other items you want to lớn keep are not selected, và then hit “Clear now.”

… on your apk device

Some instructions may vary based on the type of phone you have and what version of Firefox it is running. Look for the thực đơn icon (three bars) located at the vị trí cao nhất right corner. On older apk devices, you’ll have to lớn press the hardware thực đơn key và then tap “More.”

Go khổng lồ the “Settings” menu. Look for “Privacy & security” and select “Clear private data.” Select “Cookies và active logins.”After you have made your selection, tap “Clear data.”

… on your tiện ích ios device

Open Firefox.Click on the thực đơn bars, which look lượt thích three parallel lines in the lower right-hand corner of the browser window.Select “Settings.”Scroll down lớn “Privacy.”Select “Clear private data.”Make sure only “Cookies” is selected, then tap on “Clear private data.”

How to lớn clear cookies in Safari … 


Apple’s browser is also available across multiple desktop and mobile devices, & there’s a different way for how khổng lồ delete cookies from each of them.

… on your Mac

Open Safari.Select “Preferences” from the drop-down Safari menu.Click on “Privacy,” then on “Manage website data.”Click on “Remove all” from the drop-down menu.

… on your quả táo device

Go into the “Settings” thực đơn on your device.Scroll down lớn “Safari” và click “Advanced,” then “Website data” Tap on “Clear history và website data” to clear cookies.

How to clear cookies in Microsoft Edge


These steps apply lớn Windows PCs:

Launch Microsoft EdgeGo khổng lồ the “More” menu and select “Settings.”3Scroll to “Clear browsing data,” select “Cookies & saved website data,” & then select “Clear.”

There are a few different reasons why you should clear your browser’s cookies. Whether for privacy reasons or general computer maintenance and cleanup, most browsers make clearing your cookies an easy task.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to lớn clear browsing data you appreciate the convenience of not having lớn constantly log in lớn your favorite sites, be sure lớn invest in a reputable VPN for an added layer of protection.

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FAQs about how to lớn clear cookies

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to lớn clear cookies.

Can cookies track you?

Cookies are able to track multiple types of data from mạng internet, from browsing history to personal IP addresses.

Should you delete cookies? 

You should consider deleting cookies regularly — especially from sites you don’t frequently visit.

Will clearing cookies delete passwords?

Yes, clearing cookies will wipe saved passwords from autofill settings saved on web browsers. 

What happens when you remove all cookies?

Deleting cookies wipes all your personal information from your browser, including, passwords, search history, & website settings and preferences. 

Does deleting cookies speed up computers?

Erasing cookies can lead lớn faster computer speeds. However, deleting information can make it take longer khổng lồ log into frequently visited websites.

Is it OK lớn accept cookies?

It’s safe to lớn accept cookies the cookies themselves aren"t to Cookies become risky when hackers can hijack them and view or expose personal information.

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