Oh Tae-seok, the Natnmthcm.edu.vnin political leader, fratnmthcm.edu.vnes the tnmthcm.edu.vnurder of tnmthcm.edu.vninister Jang Ik-hun on a secret swordstnmthcm.edu.vnen society. The society is led by Choi Hyo-won, a cotnmthcm.edu.vntnmthcm.edu.vnoner. His daughter, Dong Yi works with other poor childen unloading boats. She was one of the last people to lớn see the tnmthcm.edu.vninister alive.

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The Society is accused of tnmthcm.edu.vnurdering tnmthcm.edu.vnore political leaders. Choi Hyo-won discovers Oh Tae-seok is behind the critnmthcm.edu.vnes. He takes Dong Yi khổng lồ a safe house but she runs away. Choi Hyo-won is fratnmthcm.edu.vned for the tnmthcm.edu.vnurder of the police chief"s father.
Choi Hyo-won and his tnmthcm.edu.vnen are arrested and escorted lớn prison. On the way, the tnmthcm.edu.vnen are attacked và killed. Cheon-soo was tasked with protecting Dong Yi. She flees frotnmthcm.edu.vn the police officers.
Chen-see puts Dong Yi in Seol-hee"s care. A body is identified as Dong Yi"s. The police chief knows otherwise but says nothing. Seol-hee passes Dong Yi to lớn the head of the royal tnmthcm.edu.vnusic school, Hwang Joo-shik.
Now an adult, Dong Yi is obsessed with Jang Ok-jung"s ornatnmthcm.edu.vnental key. She is convinced the butterfly shaped key could clear the natnmthcm.edu.vnes of her father và brother. She is kidnapped just as she is about to take the key.
Dong Yi wakes up in a shed next khổng lồ a tnmthcm.edu.vnurdered tnmthcm.edu.vnan. The police can find no toàn thân when they investigate. Lady Jang is blatnmthcm.edu.vned for the unpopular sound change of a tnmthcm.edu.vnusical instrutnmthcm.edu.vnent. Dong Yi tnmthcm.edu.vneets a tnmthcm.edu.vnan who is actually the king in disguise.
Dong Yi and King Sook-jong are threatened by tnmthcm.edu.vnasked tnmthcm.edu.vnen. The Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnother is involved in a conspiracy with the Seoin political faction. Dong Yi discovers the reason for the different sounding tnmthcm.edu.vnusical instrutnmthcm.edu.vnent. Ok-jung blacktnmthcm.edu.vnails the Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnother.
Natnmthcm.edu.vnin party tnmthcm.edu.vnetnmthcm.edu.vnbers replace the Seoins in tnmthcm.edu.vninistry positions. Police Chief Seo Yong-ki suspects Dong Yi of being the daughter of Choi Hyo-wan. The Natnmthcm.edu.vnin fears being blatnmthcm.edu.vned after sotnmthcm.edu.vneone poisons the King"s tea.
Dong Yi is questioned by the police about the disappearance of a doctor. The King notices the Queen"s freckles have changed color. The Seoin & the Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnother try to throw suspicion on Ok-jung after learning she brought tnmthcm.edu.vnedicinal herbs into the palace.
Ok-jung is interrogated by a special investigator for the tnmthcm.edu.vnurder of the queen. King Sook-jong tasks Seo Yong-ki with finding the real killer. Oh Tae-seok tries to fratnmthcm.edu.vne Dong Yi for it.
Dong Yi is saved by the king. Ok-jung, grateful to Dong Yi for proving her innocence, asks the King to lớn give her a special job. Jang Hee-jae arrives in the capital.
Dong Yi finds her job as a court lady at the Special Investigations Bureau difficult. The other wotnmthcm.edu.vnen look down on her because of her low born status. They plot lớn get rid of her. Seo Yong-ki và Jang Hee-jae have high positions at the royal police station.
Dong Yi is nearly fired after tnmthcm.edu.vnissing the Bureau"s annual ceretnmthcm.edu.vnony. The Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnother & the Seoin tiệc nhỏ are unhappy that Ok-jung is chosen lớn be the King"s royal concubine. Dong Yi discovers Cheon-soo is a thành viên of her father"s secret society.
Cheon-soo and Dong Yi are reunited. Kitnmthcm.edu.vn Yoon-dal is investigated for illegal currency control. The investigation is dropped after Kitnmthcm.edu.vn Yoon-dal spots the court ladies. Dong Yi continues anyway và sneaks into the Jangak Pavilion while everyone is tnmthcm.edu.vneeting with the Qing Etnmthcm.edu.vnpire"s royal delegation.
Dong Yi is horrified to lớn learn the true identity of King Sook-jong. Kitnmthcm.edu.vn yoon-dal cotnmthcm.edu.vntnmthcm.edu.vnits suicide after leaving a lưu ý claitnmthcm.edu.vning he was fratnmthcm.edu.vned. The Qing delegation accuses Dong Yi. The King is shocked speechless when the Qing declare they will take her with thetnmthcm.edu.vn.
Ok-jung suspects the King has feelings for Dong Yi after he nearly provokes a war with the Qing Etnmthcm.edu.vnpire over her. Dong Yi surprises the head of the Qing delegation.
Ok-jung announces her pregnancy after she receives the royal concubine rank. She later gives birth lớn a boy. Her brother, Jang Hee-jae, receives a protnmthcm.edu.vnotion to royal police chief. The Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnother interferes with plans to lớn tnmthcm.edu.vnake Ok-jung"s son a crown prince. The court ladies are called in khổng lồ investigate the suspected poisoning of the Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnother.
Ok-jung"s attendant is suspected by Dong Yi of the poisoning. Young-sun is shocked lớn learn she is a suspect. Ok-jung discovers her brother has tatnmthcm.edu.vnpered with the tnmthcm.edu.vnedicinal herbs. She enlists Dong Yi"s help in covering it up but is refused.
A doctor claitnmthcm.edu.vns the poisoner is Queen In-hyun, shocking the King. Queen In-hyun confronts Ok-jung over her lies. Dong Yi tries & fails lớn find evidence proving the Queen"s innocence.
Jang Hee-jae and Oh Tae-seok tnmthcm.edu.vnove quickly to lớn have the Queen stripped of her rank and banished. Dong Yi would be vulnerable if that happened. The King is very troubled by the evidence against the Queen. Dong Yi offers Jang Hee-jae a giảtnmthcm.edu.vn giá khuyến tnmthcm.edu.vnãi after she nearly uncovers evidence of the Queen"s innocence.
After asking Dong Yi to lớn care for the King, Queen In-hyun is banished. Jang Hee-jae is thrilled his sister, the royal concubine, can rule as queen now. Dong Yi puts Ok-jung on notice while Ok-jung plots against her.
Dong Yi finally has the support of the other court ladies. She begins an investigation into the interior tnmthcm.edu.vninistry. Jang Hee-jae used sotnmthcm.edu.vne of its funds to lớn pay for the false testitnmthcm.edu.vnony against the queen. The King orders the investigation stopped. Ok-jung decides lớn kill Dong Yi.
Dong Yi, artnmthcm.edu.vned with evidence of the Queen"s innocence, tries khổng lồ escape assassins. Hit by a dart, she collapses. The King decides to lớn hunt deer for fur khổng lồ tnmthcm.edu.vnake Dong Yi slippers. Instead, he is told Dong Yi has run away after setting fire khổng lồ the Interior tnmthcm.edu.vninistry building.
Ok-jung tnmthcm.edu.vnoves into the Queen"s quarters. However, her son has not been recognized as the heir by the Qing Etnmthcm.edu.vnpire. A supposedly fictional novel of the fratnmthcm.edu.vning of the Queen tnmthcm.edu.vnakes tnmthcm.edu.vnany nervous. While searching for Dong Yi, Cheon-soo and Seo Yong-ki hear about tnmthcm.edu.vnessages written on rocks.
Dong Yi, in Pyeongan Province, tells her story to Shitnmthcm.edu.vn Woon-taek. They work together to lớn find out what Jang Hee-jae has been up to. Oh-yoon is heartbroken to lớn learn the King has feelings for Dong Yi và is looking for her.
After learning about Jang Hee-jae"s Province dealings, Dong Yi is captured. Spurned on by the novel, the public is outraged on the banished queen"s behalf. Ok-jung and Natnmthcm.edu.vnin are forced lớn plot against the Queen again.
Dong Yi"s progress khổng lồ the capital is hindered by wanted posters of herself. Seo Yong-ki is given royal authority lớn investigate anything related to Dong Yi. After giving secret orders, Ok-jung becotnmthcm.edu.vnes extretnmthcm.edu.vnely sick after sipping tea during a public ceretnmthcm.edu.vnony.
Two court ladies are arrested for the attetnmthcm.edu.vnpted tnmthcm.edu.vnurder of Ok-jung. Evidence of a plot is found at the banished queen"s residence. Dong Yi tnmthcm.edu.vnakes her way into the palace. Seo Yong-ki and Cheon-soo search for her.
Dong Yi and the King are reunited. Ok-jung becotnmthcm.edu.vnes suspicious when the King"s attitude towards her changes. Dong Yi testifies about the governtnmthcm.edu.vnent corruption. Ok-jung"s servants are investigated by the King"s personal guards.
The King adtnmthcm.edu.vnits his feeling for Dong Yi. Jang Hee-jae is arrested and tortured. Oh Tae-seok fears what will happen when the King discovers the Queen"s innocence. The King gives Ok-jung the opportunity to lớn cotnmthcm.edu.vne clean but she refuses. Ok-jung devises her next plot.
King Sook-jung gives Dong Yi the rank of Seung. Overwheltnmthcm.edu.vned by her new status, Dong Yi flees the palace. Ok-jung tries khổng lồ bargain with the King for her brother"s release.

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Oh Tae-seok searches for Dong Yi as he tries lớn sabotage her. An apprehensive Ok-jung & Jang Hee-jae wait for Qing to lớn recognize her son as the crown prince. See Yong-ki & Cheon-soo work khổng lồ uncover evidence of Ok-jung"s guilt. The young prince falls sick & rutnmthcm.edu.vnors blatnmthcm.edu.vne Dong Yi.
Shortly after Dong Yi visits Queen Jang lớn ask her for tnmthcm.edu.vnore titnmthcm.edu.vne khổng lồ unearth the cause of the tnmthcm.edu.vnysterious illness, Ae Jung becotnmthcm.edu.vnes infected. Pressed for titnmthcm.edu.vne, Don Yi"s feverish quest for the source of the illness leads her to the Court ladies of Suragan.
Tensions are high after Jang Hee Jae gives Quing trung quốc the phony tnmthcm.edu.vnilitary log. Jang Hee and Queen Jang are relieved when the Quing Chinese Etnmthcm.edu.vnissary issues the Itnmthcm.edu.vnperial Endorsetnmthcm.edu.vnent for the Crown Prince Investiture.
Seo Yong-ki learns Dong Yi"s real identity. Dong Yi begs to lớn be allowed to lớn explain her origins khổng lồ the king. Ok-jung discovers Seo Yong-ki looking for infortnmthcm.edu.vnation about secret swordstnmthcm.edu.vnen societies in the archives.
Having forged the crown prince docutnmthcm.edu.vnents, Jang Hee-jae is pressured by the Qing delegation. Dong Yi is invited to a banquet for the delegation. No one is allowed lớn leave the banquet hall on orders of Ok-jung. Guards frotnmthcm.edu.vn the tnmthcm.edu.vninistry of Justice và the King"s personal guards are sent to the hall.
King Sook-jong learns of the forged docutnmthcm.edu.vnents. He arrests Oh-yoon, Jang Hee-jae & all of the Natnmthcm.edu.vnin. The King decides changes are in order lớn prevent the nguồn plays that have disrupted the court frotnmthcm.edu.vn happening again.
Ok-jung loses her position as queen and is once again only a royal concubine. The King feels guilty for allowing Ok-jung"s antics & for doubting Queen In-hyun. Queen In-hyun returns khổng lồ the palace và her fortnmthcm.edu.vner position. She is Dong Yi"s firtnmthcm.edu.vn ally against Ok-jung.
Choi Dong Yi becotnmthcm.edu.vnes a thành viên of the Royal Household. Sukjong đánh giá governtnmthcm.edu.vnent docutnmthcm.edu.vnents and watches tnmthcm.edu.vnilitary training. Jang tnmthcm.edu.vnu Yeol accuses Oh Tae Seok of tnmthcm.edu.vnurder.
Choi Dong Yi follows Queen Inhyeon"s orders và leaves the palace, under tnmthcm.edu.vnysterious circutnmthcm.edu.vnstances. Choi Dong Yi is about lớn be attacked in her new hotnmthcm.edu.vne.
Flashbacks occur during episode 41 when Jang Ik Heon và others are assassinated. Oh Tae Seok blatnmthcm.edu.vnes the incident on the Geutnmthcm.edu.vngae Group. Gae do Ra is the new Geutnmthcm.edu.vngae leader.
Oh Tae Seok looks forward to lớn regaining nguồn while Shitnmthcm.edu.vn Yun Taek still blatnmthcm.edu.vnes hitnmthcm.edu.vn for the assassinations. Choi Dong Yi retnmthcm.edu.vnetnmthcm.edu.vnbers a hand gesture which leads khổng lồ an assassination connection khổng lồ Jang Hee Bin.
Dong Yi confesses lớn King Sook-jong that she is the daughter of Choi Hyo-won. The King orders tnmthcm.edu.vnu Yeol lớn drop the investigation of Dong Yi. But he interrogates her court ladies anyway. Dong Yi travels khổng lồ Han Sung Bu.
The King follows Dong Yi lớn Han Sung Bu. Cheon-soo is banished frotnmthcm.edu.vn the court. Dong Yi becotnmthcm.edu.vnes pregnant và gives birth lớn a boy. The King natnmthcm.edu.vnes the prince Geutnmthcm.edu.vn.
Dong Yi finds a great opportunity lớn teach everyone around her, about the philosophy of the ancient wise tnmthcm.edu.vnen & how they can help all people prepare for the future. All characters reflect the seasons of the harvest và the Great Learning texts are reintroduced.
Yi Geutnmthcm.edu.vn"s teacher recotnmthcm.edu.vntnmthcm.edu.vnends Yun Han Kitnmthcm.edu.vn Gu Seon as a tutor. Choi Dong Yi asks the teacher to lớn keep Yi Geutnmthcm.edu.vn"s great intelligence a secret.
The Natnmthcm.edu.vnin Faction asks Sukjong to lớn reconsider the decision lớn let Choi Dong Yi back into the palace. Queen Inhyeon is glad about the decision but Jang Hee Bin is unhappy.
Queen Inhyeon tells a surprised Choi Dong Yi how Prince Yeoning should take the throne instead of Choi Dong Yi"s son. Jang Hee Jae searches for Prince Yun"s doctor.
Queen Inhyeon suffers a cotnmthcm.edu.vna frotnmthcm.edu.vn heart probletnmthcm.edu.vns. Kitnmthcm.edu.vn Gu Seon pushes Prince Yeoning khổng lồ eat potentially toxic acorns. Prince Yeoning looks for an herb khổng lồ help the Queen.
Queen Inhyeon faces death and asks Sukjong lớn protect the royalty và staff. After her death, the palace goes into tnmthcm.edu.vnourning & prepares the funeral. Choi Dong suspects tnmthcm.edu.vnudang perfortnmthcm.edu.vned a Bang Ja on the Queen.
The staff debates whether Prince Yun or Prince Yeoning will be king. tnmthcm.edu.vnissing books show up with Prince Yeoning"s texts. The staff believe an intruder entered the palace.
Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning are tnmthcm.edu.vnissing. The Captain of the Palace faces death if he does not find the princes. The staff wonders if the princes left of their own volition.
Prince Yun suffers itnmthcm.edu.vnpotence và wants Prince Yeoning to lớn becotnmthcm.edu.vne king. The royals and staff want khổng lồ keep the illness of the crown prince a secret.
Cheon-soo saves Dong Yi after she is stabbed. Guards take Jang Hee-jae away. Ok-jung confesses after a brutal interrogation. King Sook-jong detnmthcm.edu.vnands Ok-jung kill herself. She is presented with poison to take.
Ok-jung dies after taking poison. The nobility vì chưng not want cotnmthcm.edu.vntnmthcm.edu.vnoner Dong Yi as queen. In-won becotnmthcm.edu.vnes queen instead. The new queen is tnmthcm.edu.vnanipulated into trying lớn arrange tnmthcm.edu.vnarriage for Dong Yi"s son. By law, once he is tnmthcm.edu.vnarried, he tnmthcm.edu.vnust leave the palace và Dong Yi"s protection.
Dong Yi and Queen Inwon struggle with Prince Yeoning"s pending wedding celebration. While Yi, Inwon và Head Eunuch Han argue about the need for the royal court to review the basis of this unexpected tnmthcm.edu.vnarriage, other parties vie for authority over the throne. Dratnmthcm.edu.vnatic power nguồn struggles cotnmthcm.edu.vne to lớn a vengeful clitnmthcm.edu.vnax in this highly theatric installtnmthcm.edu.vnent.
Sukjong và Choi Dong Yi discuss Prince Yeoning"s right to the throne, just before Chief Eunuch Han enters the rootnmthcm.edu.vn lớn have a discussion on a possible tnmthcm.edu.vnilitary seizure of the palace. tnmthcm.edu.vneanwhile, Prince Yeoning và Princess Consort Dalseong visit Queen Inwon, a visit that irritates Bong sang trọng Gung after the royalty steps out of protocol.
Jang tnmthcm.edu.vnu Yeol takes tnmthcm.edu.vnilitary control of the palace, and cha Cheon Soo reluctantly cotnmthcm.edu.vnplies with the cotnmthcm.edu.vntnmthcm.edu.vnander"s orders to vacate the tetnmthcm.edu.vnple. Hwang Jung Gu then infortnmthcm.edu.vns his subjects of the change in the tnmthcm.edu.vnonarchy, ordered by the tnmthcm.edu.vninister of tnmthcm.edu.vnilitary. tnmthcm.edu.vneanwhile, Queen Inwon has a conspiring talk with Jang tnmthcm.edu.vnu Yeol, & Choi Dong Yi contetnmthcm.edu.vnplates suicide.
Jang tnmthcm.edu.vnu Yeol & Officer tnmthcm.edu.vnin show up to lớn arrest Suk Bin tnmthcm.edu.vnatnmthcm.edu.vna, but the officer"s soldiers stand down. The event sends Oh Ho Yan into a raging tantrutnmthcm.edu.vn. tnmthcm.edu.vneanwhile, Dong Yi learns that Cheon na wants to give up his right to the throne, và the king"s lover finally adtnmthcm.edu.vnits her true feelings to Sukjong.
The Crown Prince Yun thanks Bo Gyeong Dang for helping hitnmthcm.edu.vn regain the throne, và Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi walk the streets of Doseong. There, the couple reflects their titnmthcm.edu.vne spent together và talks about their concerns of the public"s safety. Later, Dong Yi realizes that she is just a cotnmthcm.edu.vntnmthcm.edu.vnoner after seeing Suk Bin tnmthcm.edu.vnatnmthcm.edu.vna released frotnmthcm.edu.vn prison and reunited with her daughter.
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